Prof. Twidale reviewed my progress report and came up with some great ideas to work around my problems and enhance what I’d like to do with the site.

These include:

1. Dating to 1865

2. Increasing Tag/Word Cloud Visualization

A Twidale Quote:

Try searching for other faux-historical blogs to see if they’ve hacked it.

Crude workaround – use sub-headings in your posting containing a dateline. also maybe create month or week  tags

re tagclouds or wordle – maybe try many eyes wikified and paste in a viz – if the blog allows pasted in HTML.

If not – maybe create a webpage with the viz and link to it from the blog

While onsite at a museum conference, Prof. Twidale showed our class through Elluminate some visualization tools – particularly through many eyes wikified.  He built a tag cloud or was it wordle that blew our minds and struck me this was the exact visualization I wanted to get out of doing this project – a word cloud from 1865 that by looking at it immediately communicates the scene around Olympia – and then to create a word cloud from modern day and see what the words that describe Olympia are now.  Then to put these two together in comparison – and see the incredible change.  Yes!

Here’s an example from Wordle:

Period G by Meredith, attributed to Wordle,

(I should watch this Elluminate class again on Prof Twidale creating this visualization through many eyes wikified.)